hessian barracks

Lewis Contractors Completes Restoration Work at Hessian Barracks in Frederick

August 8, 2017 – The first phase of restoration work on the historic Hessian Barracks located on the campus of the Maryland School for the Deaf in Frederick, Maryland, was recently completed.

Built between 1778 and 1782, the barracks originally served as a prison for captured German soldiers during the Revolution. Throughout the 19th century, the site served as a state armory, Civil War hospital, and a county fairgrounds.

Closed to the public prior to the restoration, when complete, the building will reopen to serve as a museum which exhibits Civil War memorabilia and weaponry.

The two-story stone structure, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, underwent numerous historically accurate restorations to its exterior including the installation of a unique side-lap oak shingle roof to mimic the original, construction of four new replica fireplaces and associated chimney structures, and emergency repairs to the stone exterior. Subsequent phases will involve restoration of the remaining exterior stone, comprehensive restorations to the building’s windows and doors, and interior restorations.

Work on this project began in October 2016 and was managed by the State of Maryland Department of General Services (DGS) with oversight by the Maryland Historical Trust.

“Structural improvements, masonry restorations, and replacement of the unique side lap shingle roofing have all been implemented to restore this national landmark,” said DGS Secretary Ellington Churchill. “We have enjoyed working with Lewis Contractors to complete this stage of restorations to the Hessian Barracks.”

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