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Lewis Restoration of Johns Hopkins University Homewood House Museum Recognized by Two Awards

June 26, 2018 – Returning to Johns Hopkins University’s Homewood House for the sixth restoration project it has completed over five decades, Lewis Contractors was tasked with helping to mitigate the ongoing damage to the 1801 home caused by rainwater. Almost as important as the project itself was the requirement that work be completed by late summer in order for incoming University freshmen to continue the tradition of walking through Homewood as they entered the school for the first time.

Homewood House Museum is on the National Registry of Historic Places and is the crown jewel at the center of Johns Hopkins University’s main campus. Once home to one of Maryland’s founding families, the Carrolls, it remains as one of the country’s finest examples of Federal architecture and continues to play an important role in the history of Maryland.

The restoration was completed ahead of the anticipated schedule. Work involved the replacement of the underground storm water piping, tie-ins to the campus-wide utility system, removal/cataloguing/proper replacement of the historic brick apron at the base of the building, fabrication and installation of the custom lead-coated copper gutters and downspouts, installation of walkways—like those used along the National Mall in Washington, DC— and installation of new sod.

The museum remained open and occupied throughout the project without detriment to ongoing operations. Julia Rose, Museum Director and Curator, said that the signs on the protective fence explaining the project actually attracted visitors to the museum and increased summer attendance.

Both the Associated Builders and Contractors Baltimore Chapter (ABC) and Baltimore Heritage have honored the highly successful restoration project with awards. ABC’s awards annually recognize the best of the best construction projects completed by member firms. Owner satisfaction with the contractor’s work is the primary criteria to receive an award and all entries are subject to peer review. Baltimore Heritage awards recognize restoration work completed on historic properties located within Baltimore City. Award ceremonies for both organizations were held in Spring 2018.