Maynard-Burgess House Undergoes Restoration

April 13, 2015 – The Maynard-Burgess House in Annapolis is currently undergoing building envelope renovations by Lewis Contractors.

With architectural evidence indicating that parts of the building date back to the late 18th century, the home is an exceptional piece of Maryland history that showcases African American life from 1847 to 1990. Purchased by the Maynard family in 1847—an African American family that lived free during the slavery era—the home was used as a boarding house until 1915 at which time one of its tenants, William Burgess, purchased the home and owned it until 1990.  The now city-owned Maynard-Burgess House has been awaiting the much needed renovations for years.

Work involves the restoration of the historic siding and building envelope. Being restored by sections at a time, workers are documenting the exact location of every board—restoring, repairing and refinishing each piece—then reinstalling in the exact location from which it was taken. While the boards are detached, a plywood sheathing is placed around the existing building, building wrap is installed and a rain screen is then placed before the siding is reattached. All restoration work is being self-performed by Lewis craftsmen—work is set for completion early this summer.

In addition to Lewis’ extensive porfotlio of restoration experience, the expert craftsmen of Lewis recently restored iconic Baltimore landmarks including The Baltimore Basilica, Everyman Theatre, Sheppard Pratt Gatehouse, and currently, the Washington Monument at Mt. Vernon Place. As one of Maryland’s most trusted restoration contractors, Lewis Contractors delivers a great deal of experience and skillfull craftsmanship that will ensure the history of the home is rightfully preserved.

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