March 17, 2023 – Lewis Contractors announced the completion of the foundation stabilization of The Dielman Inn.  The Dielman Inn, in the Town of New Windsor, Maryland, is a commercial property at the corner Main and High Streets comprising several buildings that were cobbled together over its 200 years of use. The site is on Preservation Maryland’s list of Maryland endangered and threatened historic properties and was chosen as one of the organizations’ Six to Fix to be restored.

“Lewis Contractors knows the importance of preserving our historic properties for the benefit of our communities and future generations of Marylanders yet to come,” said Tyler Tate, President, Lewis Contractors.  “Preserving a historic structure is dependent upon ensuring it is protected from the destructive nature of water infiltrating the foundation walls below, which can contribute to ongoing damage.”

“Preservation Maryland is pleased to see Lewis Contractors’ progress on The Dielman Inn, a historically significant ca. 1815 structure in Carroll County,” said Preservation Maryland’s President & CEO Nicholas Redding. “Supporting the stewardship and revitalization of the Inn has been an important project to our organization for many years. Saving irreplaceable, threatened history, in this case, an integral part of the economic engine of New Windsor for decades, is a necessary investment in the community’s past for the benefit of the future.”

Upon investigation of the existing structure, it became clear that one of the first steps of the restoration had to be addressing the building’s failing foundation.  With first phase grants in place, and the initial assessments work to be done, Lewis engaged the services of a structural engineer to design the stabilization of the Inn’s stone foundations. With great urgency, Lewis provided a full waterproofing package including the installation of a new foundation drainage system. The site was regraded to assure water flowed away from the building.  In addition, the Lewis team added concrete floors in the basement, created crawl spaces, and provided concrete “benches” which help to support the interior side of the foundation walls.  On the interior side of the foundation, Lewis repointed all the exposed stone masonry and then moved outside to put in new concrete sidewalk, one of which was a stamped/stained concrete walk to mimic the appearance of a brick paver walk.

“It was clear when I met the Lewis Team at a Preservation Maryland event that they were enthusiastic about historic restoration and they were the perfect fit for a project of this caliber.” Mayor Neal Roop states. “The beginning stages of the Dielman Inn restoration signifies a new time for growth for the Town of New Windsor. This kind of community-led and community-supported investment in both the history and future of the town—a true Main Street America revitalization—will bring the town new life and we are excited to work with Lewis as the project continues forward.” 

Lewis looks forward to the opportunity to continue to work with Mayor Roop and the Town Council of New Windsor as they develop a preservation plan and continue restoration of this historic site.