The Coronavirus Impact on Our Industry

Construction is fundamentally a collaborative venture, and success has always been a product of our ability to work together as a team to create a successful project. Today, however, we are called upon to do more.

Health and safety are cornerstones of the construction culture shared by Lewis Contractors, its employees, its customers, and its vendors and subcontractors. As the number of COVID-19 cases continues to increase throughout the United States, it is incumbent upon all of us to take action to mitigate the potential for infection. We ask all members of the construction team—Owner, prime, subcontractor, supplier—to work together on this matter of interest to all. Maintaining health and safety in this environment is everyone’s responsibility.

Lewis Contractors has been diligently tracking and responding to the quickly-changing Coronavirus event that has impacted our businesses and daily lives.

Our Response
Currently, we are servicing all of our customer’s projects, with many staff working remotely, and successfully. And, our cleaning and sanitation efforts have multiplied significantly to keep our spaces as clean and secure as possible, as we have in the past. We have implemented meaningful jobsite protocols which incorporate CDC guidance, governmental orders and a philosophy of doing all we can to promote jobsite health and safety. In addition, we have postponed external events and travel, perform only limited in person meetings where critical, and have temporarily closed our offices to the public.

We appreciate how the community has come together on such short notice to tackle this pandemic as best we can. As we all come to terms with the consequences of social distancing, we have seen a resilience in our greater Maryland community that is spreading much-needed friendliness and assistance to those in need. We look forward to the near future when some degree of normalcy returns.

Moving Forward
In the meantime, know that we are here to help our fellow Maryland businesses and non-profits remain operational, and attend to their critical needs. We also anticipate having the capacity to respond to emergency services procurements. If you have an emergency need, please reach out to us today. We’re here to help.

Tyler Tate, P.E., LEED AP
President, Lewis Contractors

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