The religious community in Baltimore—and throughout Maryland—has an abiding faith in the capabilities of Lewis Contractors. Since 1966, we have been building churches, synagogues and faith-based community centers, including add-on projects, such as office renovations and day care facilities. We are able to represent the interests of the owner, clergy, staff and parishioners, while simultaneously helping the Building Committee prioritize and meet its needs. And we are used to working in high-stakes situations, such as for our restoration of the Baltimore Basilica of the Assumption, where the entire project had to be approved and the drawings blessed by Pope John Paul II.

Recent faith-based projects include restorations and renovations to St. Anne’s Episcopal Church, Second Presbyterian Church, the St. Mary’s Spiritual Center and Historic Site, St. Mary’s Historic Chapel, First and Franklin Street Presbyterian Church, Central Presbyterian Church, Lovely Lane Church and others—all of which are award-winning projects. Our ability to meet the needs of all stakeholders, without losing sight of the broader, “big picture” purpose of the project, has enabled us to become the faith-based community’s most trusted partner for construction projects large and small.