Research & Development

Lewis routinely works on high-security projects in sensitive industrial environments. These technically complex projects demand confidentiality, technical experience, zero tolerance for contamination, the ability to self-perform trades and the highest levels of safety and discretion. And our people have been doing this work for decades.

We have an ongoing working relationship with a major cosmetics manufacturer in Baltimore County involving numerous projects covering the entire range of “on-campus” functions, including R&D laboratories, administrative suites, infrastructure work and manufacturing lines.

Lewis Contractors is also skilled in planning and constructing projects for defense-related clients. Among the projects we have managed are military command and control simulation facilities, radar manufacturing and calibration lines, sensitive compartmented information facility (SCIF) spaces, extreme environment testing facilities, anechoic testing chambers, clean rooms (class 1,000; 10,000; and 100,000) and radar ranges. Additionally, we have constructed building envelope repairs, life safety upgrades, office mezzanines, structural rehabilitations and perimeter protection for the entire facility.