Johns Hopkins University | Maryland Hall Cupola Restoration

A historic landmark for the University, Maryland Hall towers above all of the other buildings on campus and is identified by its prominent and architecturally ornate cupola at the peak. Because of its soaring rooftop position—exposed to weather of all types over the years—the cupola was in need of restoration. The restoration began with the erection of an extensive scaffolding system that ascended the facade of the building onto the rooftop, systematically enclosing the cupola’s aging exterior. Select demolition followed scaffold erection to prepare for the elaborate roof repairs. The Lewis team repaired and replaced copper roofing for the structure to better withstand the elements. To further reinforce the existing structure, new hot dipped galvanized wide flange beams were installed along with a new structural composite roof deck that was reinforced with welded wire fabric, to control temperature and shrinkage cracking often seen in composite metal deck applications. The work also included the restoration of the intricate wood cornice assembly, a new access ladder, wood ceilings, and new decorative fiberglass urns and bases with a cold galvanized coating were also installed on the rooftop to complete the project.

Baltimore, MD
  • ABC Baltimore Excellence in Construction Award
  • Baltimore Heritage Historic Preservation Award


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