St. Mary’s Seminary & University

Lewis Contractors was chosen to complete the renovation of St. Mary’s Seminary & University—a notable Catholic institution that prepares seminarians for Roman Catholic priesthood and provides religious and higher-education for students of all denominations. Established in 1791, the unmistakable Beaux Arts seminary is rich in history and home to the first Catholic seminary in the United States.

This three-phased historic renovation involved the conversion of approximately 80,000 SF of student life and residential space and 8,000 SF of office and support space into upgraded and privatized dormitories with improved amenities. The majority of the interior work consists of the reconfiguration of the 200 modest-sized dormitories, two communal restrooms, and shared shower facilities—devoid the benefit of air conditioning in the summer months—into 100 considerably larger dormitories with HVAC services and individual bathrooms. The renovation also includes a complete revitalization of the lounge and fitness center into more comprehensive and functional spaces and the creation of a basement level storage area, inclusive of over 90 storage units. Additionally, the exit stair shaft at the rear of the building’s North wing was refurbished and a new sprinkler system was added on two floors for enhanced fire protection.

It should be noted that St. Mary’s Seminary and University’s residential, administrative, and support spaces on the 3rd and 4th floors remained fully occupied throughout the 16-month construction process. Also critical to ongoing campus operations, the existing server room and its complex cabling system was protected by the Lewis team throughout the renovation. In like manner—and due to the construction staging efforts that need to be executed amid a densely populated area at the rear of campus—the Lewis team took extreme care and extra precautions not to interrupt campus activities of any kind.

The renovation of the student and faculty living quarters of St. Mary’s Seminary & University has been featured in Building Baltimore Magazine.

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  • ABC Baltimore Excellence in Construction Award


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