Bare Hills Office Building

The project entailed construction of a new 6-story office building on Clarkview Road in Baltimore County. Office fit-outs of the first, second, fifth and sixth (top) floors were completed as part of this new building project—these spaces are the headquarters of a nationwide financial services provider. The new 54,000 SF building and its distinctive sloped roof—unique for an office building design—are easily visible while travelling north on the Jones Falls Expressway.

It should be noted that through efficient and effective management, as well as proactive thinking on the part of Lewis and the design team, the project was completed for $400,000 below the original $11,500,000 budget, for a savings of 3-4%. Change-orders were relatively few, because of Lewis’s early involvement. This value is a total savings, net of any added costs encountered during construction—the project was “change-order negative.”


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