Johns Hopkins University | Homewood Museum South Portico Restoration

Restoration of the South Portico of the Homewood Museum included the removal, cleaning, repair and reinstallation of the existing brick veneer, brick pavers, marble stair treads and risers, marble cheek walls, and the checkerboard stone tiles on the portico landing. All marble from treads and risers was numbered and cataloged as sections were removed for ease and accuracy of reinstallation and was repaired onsite with historically accurate Dutchman pinning, patching and cleaning methods. The existing handrails were carefully removed, stripped, sanded and wire-wheeled, and repainted before being reinstalled using the original mortise and tenon method. The paint treatments on the project were again held to the same standards of historical accuracy. Perhaps the greatest challenge on this project was the uncovering of a hidden brick arch under the portico steps. According to the original drawings, it was believed that the steps rested on loose rubble, but when the marble steps were removed an extravagant archway was found below. Work was completed in the midst of an actively occupied University campus—the only access to the site was via brick paved walkways, making delivery coordination extremely important as acceptable routes had to be coordinated with Johns Hopkins Facilities Management, and materials had to be transported in a way that did not damage the walkways. Lewis also completed renovations to Homewood Museum in 1965, 1975, 1977 and 1986.

Baltimore, MD
  • ABC Baltimore Excellence in Construction Award
  • 4 Building & Congress Exchange Craftsmanship Awards

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