Baltimore Basilica of the Assumption | Earthquake Repairs

After completing the cathedral’s original restoration in 2009, Lewis Contractors was called upon to repair damages the Baltimore Basilica of the Assumption sustained during an earthquake. In August 2011, a 5.8-magnitude earthquake shook the Mid-Atlantic, causing more than 50 cracks and some structural damage to this historic cathedral in downtown Baltimore. Most of the damage occurred at the highest point of the Basilica.

The repair work included plaster demolition, masonry repairs, plaster repairs and painting of both on the interior and some components of the church’s exterior. The erection of the scaffolding to reach the high ceilings of the cathedral took 7 weeks to complete. Extensive decorative draping was utilized to conceal construction as all work was completed around weekend services and weddings.

Baltimore, MD
  • ABC Baltimore Excellence in Construction Award
  • Baltimore Heritage Historic Preservation Award
  • Building & Congress Exchange - 7 Craftsmanship Awards


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