St. Mary’s Chapel Restoration

This Design/Build project took place on a religious campus/historic site with an active touring schedule. Work required advance coordination with the Owner to protect visitors and employees from construction nuisances such as dust, noise, vibration and other construction hazards while touring areas undergoing restoration. In addition, at over 200 years old, the aging chapel required extensive abatement of hazardous materials. Lewis worked successfully to overcome several unforeseen conditions without detriment to the budget or schedule. Paint and plaster restoration work was completed to match the existing material and colors, and invasive exploratory work was accomplished without delay to the project schedule. Work also included extensive carpentry, marble and tile work throughout.

Baltimore, MD
  • Baltimore Heritage Historic Preservation Award
  • ABC Baltimore Excellence in Construction Award
  • 4 Building & Congress Exchange Craftsmanship Awards - Plaster Restoration, Tile & Marble, Historic Paint & Carpentry


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