Maynard-Burgess House | Restoration

The work completed by Lewis Contractors at this historic site involved the painstaking restoration of the deteriorated siding and overall building envelope. Completing the work one section at a time, workers documented the exact location of every board—restored, repaired and refinished each piece—then reinstalled in the exact location from which it was taken. While exterior boards were being restored off-site, plywood sheathing and building wrap was installed around the building to protect it from further deterioration from the elements. Self-performed by Lewis craftsmen, all work followed strict historic guidelines. While maintaining detailed and accurate records of the siding locations, the Team ensured that each piece of siding—no matter how deteriorated—was treated as though it was restorable. To mimic the appearance of the historic weathered siding, the new boards were sandblasted to remove the softer “summer” grain and are now indiscriminate from the historic wood.

Annapolis, MD
  • Historic Annapolis Preservation Award
  • ABC Baltimore Excellence in Construction Award


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