Howard County General Hospital | New Parking Garage

The project involved the construction of an approximately 550-space, 5-level precast open parking garage with a building footprint of around 35,000 SF. The project was delayed by approximately six months due to the Hospital’s need to maintain the existing parking lot onsite (the intended site for the new garage) until a replacement lot was built under separate contract. During this time, Lewis provided pro bono preconstruction services for the Owner. The project was completed in approximately 10 months despite the presence of unsuitable soils that Lewis had to haul away from the site. All work was carefully coordinated around Howard County General’s ongoing operations and completed in the midst of an occupied medical campus—the main entrance to the facility was directly across from the jobsite—with actively occupied buildings nearby. Utilities had to be redirected around existing buildings without disrupting activities and outages had to be carefully coordinated with the Owner. Outage coordination was particularly important given the proximity of the hospital. Other logistical considerations included the limited parking onsite and limited staging areas, due to the vital need to keep adjoining parking lots open.

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