Glenelg Country School | Manor House Restoration

This 18th century manor house—placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior—serves as classrooms and administrative space for lower school students of the Glenelg Country School as well as a leasable venue for parties, receptions, and the like. Decades of “normal maintenance” resulted in water infiltration at the second floor of the former home, which not only damaged the upper level, but also eroded structural members of the house. The plaster trim at the ceiling cornice room suffered from extensive deterioration over the years as well. These deteriorated areas were restored and one section was replicated such that it could be removed if needed when maintenance required removal of a newly installed access panel. Existing historic wood flooring was modified as needed, sanded, and refinished and the walls repainted using specialized techniques to adhere new paint finishes atop multiple layers of paint applied over the two-decade history. Exterior work to mitigate water damage included work at the existing portico, restoration of the masonry chimneys, excavation/installation of water proofing materials and backfilling at the rear courtyard where the grades sloped directly toward the building. All work was completed while the site remained occupied and the building remained partially occupied.

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