Northrop Grumman Corporation

Northrop Grumman Corporation (NG) is a defense contractor in the Baltimore area, and the large majority of Lewis Contractors’ work there is completed on a GC “On-Call”-type basis, where work is competitively bid amongst a select group of prequalified contractors. Due to the defense-related nature of the facilities constructed, projects are often completed on aggressive, fast-paced schedules. All work at NG is phased in and around occupied, ongoing manufacturing, office, and administrative operations and ongoing work cannot be interrupted. All construction work must be fully isolated from non-work areas.

Lewis Contractors’ scope of work on such projects is typically centered on the construction and commissioning of sophisticated mechanical, electrical, plumbing, sprinkler, and special equipment systems, in addition to the typical trades for new construction and/or renovation projects (sitework, concrete, masonry, structural steel, finishes, etc.). Recent project highlights include: creation of access-controlled SCIF (secure) spaces; construction of shielded antenna testing chambers; creation of electronic systems testing and commissioning areas, where medical-related considerations such as airflow volume/quality, test area isolation, and special ventilation systems is essential; command and control simulation centers; plant-wide security upgrades; fiber secure and unsecure cabeling; and “extreme testing” chambers and laboratories (with associated MEP infrastructure).

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