“The complexities in the design were handled expertly by your project managers and field personnel whose sole intention was to ensure that we as the architect and the client, were 100% satisfied.” - Jay Brown, AIA, LEED AP, Church of the Nativity

As a construction manager, Lewis Contractors provides the full suite of construction services to manage, construct and deliver projects on time and with a minimum of headaches. With us, the key concept throughout the construction phase is control—control of schedule, cost, safety, security, quality and close-out. Experience has taught us that when control and oversight are maintained, we are better able to manage issues that may arise. Foresight, proactive thinking, and active coordination are all key elements in controlling these items and ensuring project success.

Lewis Contractors offers the following construction phase services:

  • Situational awareness and management
  • Direct management and supervision of subcontractors
  • Schedule control
  • Quality control
  • Infection control
  • Control of project safety and security, life safety measures
  • Cost control/accounting
  • Completion of self-performed trades (where applicable)
  • Completion control, commissioning management.